Five Favourite Wedding Flowers

Flowers are such an essential part of your wedding – they can invoke a passionate mood, offer a memorable scent and completely transform a venue. With so many varieties to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming picking just a few. In order to lend a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of our top five wedding flowers.


This will come as no surprise – the rose is one of the most romantic flowers in the world. With a distinctive fragrance and available in range of different shades, roses are versatile enough to fit any wedding theme. Deep red roses are perfect for a winter bride and yet pale yellow and bright pink simply scream spring wedding! You could use them as a focal flower in your arrangement or simply choose a full bouquet of roses.


These elegant flowers give a modern and chic look to a wedding. Orchids are ideal for a fashion-forward bride with tastes leaning more toward contemporary than traditional. They make stunning centrepieces and because of their small, structured petals, they can be incorporated into a chic cascading bouquet. A truly exotic choice, orchids come in an array of colours including white, yellow and purple.


Another classic, these gorgeous blooms will add a sense of endless romance to your wedding. They make an impressive statement on their own – imagine a bouquet of beautiful peonies in hues of pink and white or perhaps red and yellow! Of course, they can also be added to an assortment of other flowers. You could even scatter the petals across the tables for a unique and dazzling display. There are so many options when it come to this stunning flower.


A traditional and fragrant addition to the bride’s bouquet, these sweet little posies may be small but when used in abundance, they make a striking spectacle. Integrate them into other decorations such as garlands and centre pieces. Why not display them in bottles or dainty buckets for a charming rustic look? Or you could even attach a sprig to the groom’s suit for a delightful embellishment.


The unmistakable bell shape of the tulip looks instantly feminine. Teamed with the vibrant choice of colours, they offer a breath-taking spectacle and will make an exquisite addition to your bouquet or table. Stick to one or two shades to fit your theme or go crazy with and use all the colours – it’s your wedding, you make the rules!

 These are just a few of our favourites but we hope they have inspired you in your decision. Whatever blooms you choose, remember that any flower can be used at a wedding – as long as you love it, that’s all that matters!

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