How to choose your perfect wedding venue

Once you’ve got the proposal from your man, one of the first things to tick off your bridal list is securing the venue for your wedding. It can be rather overwhelming trying to sift through all the different options you can lose sight of the most important part of the day – the love between you and your significant other! Here’s our list of points to consider when choosing your venue to hep take the stress out of it:

Pick a budget & stick to it

If you have always wished for a fairy tale castle but your budget can’t stretch to that, don’t assume your dreams are over! Make sure you are realistic about what you can afford, you don’t want the stress of costly payments to ruin the fun of your planing process. It’s also a good idea to have a chat with the in-house coordinator of your chosen venue to see if there are any offers or deals available before you put any money down. For example, some places will offer you complimentary rooms and the bridal suite on your day and even welcome drinks and hor d’oeuvres  for your guests.
If you can’t afford your ideal venue, remember that venue stylists can work wonders with a room. Check out images from our gallery for examples of our gorgeous styling.

Consider the location

You may be considering a sunny destination wedding on a exotic beach, but are your guests able to afford that? If you only plan to invite a few important family and friends go for it but don’t expect your second cousin or co-workers to be thrilled about paying for a plane ticket and hotel!
If you are planning a large wedding with a whole host of guests, perhaps choose somewhere closer to home, or somewhere that most people will be able to travel to without issue. But always remember, your wedding day is about you and your man so choose whatever makes you happiest, just remember that the further away your venue, the more likely you may be missing some guests.

Keep your theme in mind

Many times, the theme of the wedding is shaped and influenced by the venue you choose. For example, you aren’t going to choose a modern, chic minimalist style wedding if your venue is a rustic country house. Try to imagine the day as a whole – centrepieces,outfits, venue and see if it all fits in with the idea you had planned.
For a glamourous glittery affair, choose a modern boutique hotel. If you are dreaming of a country free spirited wedding, check out your local barn venues.

Go with your instincts

It can be tempting to try and please everyone when you are planning your wedding, but the ultimate goal is to create the perfect day for you and your husband to be. If you find a venue that you love but aren’t sure if it will impress your friends or family, go with your heart! You will regret trying to shape the day around others so choose what you and your partner love and don’t worry what others think. It will be an amazing day as long as you are loving it!


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  1. My friend is planning his wedding, but they weren’t really sure on how to choose a venue for it. It’s interesting that you say to think of the theme, and include it in your choice. Since they have some pretty great colors, it would be nice if it matched up in the end.

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