Top Five Wedding Venues

We at Luxury Events Group specialise in venue styling and are able to transform any area into a beautiful setting for your occasion. Particularly when it comes to weddings, the venue itself is very important and before we set to work transforming it, our brides want to choose the perfect place for their special day. It can be difficult choosing the right venue for your wedding and that’s why we’re compiled our list of the top five venues in the UK.


The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

Are you looking for something a little out of the ordinary with just a hint of fun? Why not get married in a treehouse! A far-cry from traditional wedding venues, the Alnwick Garden’s is the unconventional bride’s dream. Just a short walk across a quirky rope bridge and your guests will find themselves in a beautiful treehouse overlooking the gardens. Its whimsical beauty is perpetuated by the stunning forest scenery and the gorgeous spectacle that is the gardens. This venue is both playful and beautiful in equal measures.


Leeds Castle, Kent

Every bride wants to feel like a princess, so what better place to get married than an actual castle? Leeds Castle, dubbed ‘the loveliest castle in the world,’ is breathtakingly beautiful with its grand stature and striking turrets. With 500 acres of land to work with, this venue will suit a wedding with up to one hundred guests. Surrounded by a gorgeous moat, this nine-hundred-year old castle will look stunning in your photos and will delight your guests with its majestic beauty. It even offers accommodation for the wedding party.


Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

Taking a step back from the norm, this modern hotel is ultra-stylish. The outside offers a minimal, London townhouse-like aesthetic and is perfect for the fashion forward bride. There are three registered rooms to choose from depending on whether you are having a large ceremony (up to 130 guests) or something more intimate. Furthermore, the hotel boasts its very own restaurant, The London Carriage, that will cater the wedding for you so there’s one less thing to organise! This spectacular venue also offers a complimentary first anniversary stay so you can be reminded of that special day when you celebrate.


Shustoke Farm Barns, Warwickshire

Always loved the idea of a country wedding? Shustoke Farm Barns is sure to make your dreams come true! A series of farm 18th century red-brick barns, this venue has been holding weddings since 2013. The beautiful buildings surround a courtyard so if you’re having a summer wedding for just a few guests, why not having the ceremony right there? The ultimate rustic wedding setting, Shustoke Farm Barns offer catering services for you and your guests to enjoy, including a vast rotisserie visible through a glass panel through to the kitchen.


The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

This iconic building was originally built as a seaside palace for the King George IV, so you will definitely feel like royalty on your big day! The Royal Pavilion is a strikingly beautiful venue that will wow your guests and ensure you have the most perfect pictures to look back on. It’s ideal for all kinds of weddings as it boast gorgeous Indian architecture and interiors inspired by China, so can be dressed up to any taste.


There’s no need to go abroad to find the perfect venue and setting, the UK has an array of choice for every bride and every wedding!

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