Wedding Trends 2016

Everyone wants their wedding to be amazing, but also unique to both them and their husband to be. Gone are the days of tiered ivory cakes and simple centrepieces – we all want to make a statement and a lasting impression on our guests! We’ve picked out the most distinctive and cool trends of the year so you can have the most fantastic (and slightly less traditional) wedding ever.


Mixed-Up Bridesmaid Dresses

Not too long ago, it would a total fashion faux pas if a bridesmaid was to turn up in a dress that did not match the rest of the girls. However, this year we’re throwing the rules out of the window and with this kooky trend wedding trend. The idea is to choose mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses but still have them conform to some sort of uniformity so that they don’t blend in with the rest of the guests. For example, you could choose the same shade but different dress styles or the same dress in different colours. It’s a trend that works best for intimate weddings and laidback brides who want to inject a little fun into the day.


Naked Cakes & Other Non-Traditional Desserts

Don’t worry girls, this isn’t as strange as it sounds! The term naked cake refers to an un-iced cake so that the sponge, jam, cream or whatever you choose to fill it with is visible. Again, this trend is one that would suit a rustic and less traditional style wedding. In addition to the naked cake, some brides are choosing other desserts as their ‘cake’ of choice, such as profiteroles, doughnuts and even ice cream cake.


Unconventional Bouquets

Some brides are choosing to deter from flowers and try something completely different for their bouquet. A cluster of succulents can make a gorgeous yet muted arrangement and a fresh fruit and vegetable bouquet can look surprisingly beautiful. Moving away from organic items, you may choose to incorporate brooches, photographs or even buttons into your bouquet. This way, you can make your bouquet truly personal – a perfect way to add in your something old and something borrowed!


Vibrant Colour Schemes

Although soft blushes and creams will always be classic wedding colours, we think many brides in 2016 will choose to opt for brighter and bolder shades. We have already seen Pantone’s top colours for the year and we predict brides are going to take inspiration from them; with hues of bright red, green and peach featuring heavily in wedding décor. They may seem initially scary, but they vibrant colours work fabulously when mixed with more muted tones of grey and white.


Wooden and Natural Details

Brides are stepping away from sparkly decorations and choosing earthier décor. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, the addition of wood brings a comfy and inviting element to your big day. Feature wood and other natural materials such as leaves and vines in your centrepieces or use them in your place settings.

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